Allergies and Homeopathy - for Babies and Children

It is National Allergy Week. It is thought that allergies affect 25% of people at some point in their lives - with this number increasing particularly in the western world and a significant increase in allergies in children. Allergy Uk is a leading national charity dedicated to supporting allergy sufferers with a dedicated helpline , on-line forum and support network - covering allergy, intolerence and chemical sensitivity. This is a great resource for finding out what allergies are, managing them and different approaches to treatments via the NHS and beyond. As all people are different, combined with the difficulty of diagnosing babies and children - many people seek alternative, more natural approaches to long term solutions - So we are pleased to introduce Louisa Lera, a Leading Uk Homeopathist based in Nottingham, to explain more about how Homeopathy could help allergy sufferers particularly our children.



What is homeopathy? Does it work? Is it safe? Could we use it for our kids?

The principles are simple and there is lots of information on the web – essentially it’s a natural medicine where the remedies are made from tiny amounts of natural substances (mostly plants). The good news is they don’t have side effects; and the even better news is they can work brilliantly for all sorts of things, like colds and earache, and also longer standing problems like eczema.

Allergies and homeopathy

Do you suffer from any kind of allergy? A lot of people do. ‘An altered or acquired state of sensitivity’ is the dictionary definition. If your health is out of balance, you may be sensitive to things like pollen or housedust mite etc.

Homeopathy helps your body to re-balance itself. So, for example, homeopathic remedies are used for hayfever, a bit like you might use an anti-histamine. The trick is to choose the right remedy – and when it’s right, it works really well.

Choosing relies on ‘matching the remedy to the symptoms’. For example, we have all cut up an onion and felt our eyes prickle and nose run. So if you have these symptoms with your hayfever, you can use the remedy made from onions (Allium cepa). Simple! There are probably half a dozen hayfever remedies to choose from, so you pick the right one for you.

Atopic eczema (common in children) is like an allergy, and can also respond nicely to homeopathy, helping the body rebalance making it less sensitive to allergens. However, since it’s often a long-standing condition it really requires the expertise of a qualified homeopath to find just the right remedies.

Does it work? A doctor’s review at one of the homeopathic hospitals showed that 89.6% of children seen with eczema were ‘better or much better’ from the homeopathic treatment; however, the longer the child had had it, the longer it took to get better. If you or your children have eczema, it is all the more reason for starting to sort it out now.

Louisa Lera is one of the most experienced homeopaths treating eczema in the UK. For more information about Louisa and homeopathy, click on the link:

If you’d like to talk to her, she can be contacted at the Nottingham Natural Health Centre on 0115 960 8855.

All visitors to our website can have a free 15 minute chat with Louisa, either face-to-face or over the telephone in order to decide if homeopathy is the right choice for you.


Louisa Lera started her career as an analytical chemist, which is a long way from practicing homeopathy, hypnotherapy and kinesiology! She says all of them require a logical, thoughtful approach to really get the best for the client. The connecting factor was working for Weleda (who make lovely natural toiletries and medicines) – in the lab testing herbs and tinctures and toothpastes etc.

She says, “Most people become homeopaths because they have had some kind of miraculous cure from homeopathy, but I got interested because Weleda makes homeopathic medicines and I was curious about it. I loved lab work, but was more interested in people than chemicals, so did the 4 year training and set up practice in Nottingham in 1991.”

“To find a brilliant remedy for a patient can be quite hard, so I decided to study with the best homeopaths in the world. Whilst practicing in Nottingham, I made numerous trips abroad to learn from the greatest. Also, setting up a homeopathic clinic for babies and children, where I treated hundreds of little ones, gave me the experience to become an expert myself!”

“For interest and variety, kinesiology and hypnotherapy were later added, which work well for different kinds of symptoms.”

For more information on kinesiology, see the Nottm Natural Health Centre website ( You’ll also find hypnotherapy information.


Thank you to The Patient Experience and The Patient Voice for image.


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