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We Meet: East Midlands Night Nanny & Babysitter – Elizabeth Stokes

Today we meet Elizabeth Stokes – The EastMidlands Night Nanny and BabySitter. Elizabeth offers a great service which allows parents an opportunity to really get to know her and her skills before actually needing a babysitter and at the same time enjoying a well earned bit of rest themselves. Read on to find out more……



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Breastfeeding is harder than it looks ….

One of the first major challenges parents face is Breast Feeding. As mammals breast feeding is the natural thing to do, it is what the female body is designed to do following pregnancy, however, let us get one big thing straight in everyone’s mind – man, woman and child ….. Breast Feeding, like parenthood, is often a shock to the system and not the easy option – even the most realistic parents are quite often not prepared for the challenge of feeding their child.

There are many…


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Allergies and Homeopathy - for Babies and Children

It is National Allergy Week. It is thought that allergies affect 25% of people at some point in their lives - with this number increasing particularly in the western world and a significant increase in allergies in children. Allergy Uk is a leading national charity dedicated to supporting allergy sufferers with a dedicated helpline , on-line forum and support network…


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PostNatal Yoga for mums & babies

March has been a 'Mummy Special' and the fact is we know that ALL mums are special, but Do YOU forget you are one of the special ones too? and put yourselves at the very bottom of things to do and take care of ?- I have done and I know I am not alone - quite often forgetting to look after ourselves too, results in a meltdown - either emotional, physical or psychological - or we suddenly realise that we are utterly exhausted - SO here at the Nottingham Baby & Family Fayre, we are wanting…


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Not much happening apart from COLDS!!!

“Happy New Year” People are still saying it – I think i got into the 2nd or 3rd day and forgot that we had entered 2012 – being on maternity leave with our second, all the days become very similar – entering winter and the similarity becomes even more pronounced when every other week is spent wiping noses, checking temperatures and asking myself ‘I am doing something very wrong to be up again all night with a toddler coughing until she is sick…..’

I am reassured by other mums, health…


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Baby Travel Safety & Competition

Safety for our babies and toddlers, is always at the forefront of our minds as parents, and so we are really pleased to welcome one of our Nottinghamshire Stallholders who attended our 2011 Event to do a Guest blog. expecting Baby is Mansfield’s greatest Nursery Store, open 7 DAYS A WEEK , they specialise in Baby Travel Safety and  are providing us with some much needed information.…


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It's Baby Loss Awareness Week: baby loss poems

It's Baby Loss Awareness Week: baby loss poems


The loss of a baby, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or in the few days, weeks or months after birth, can be particularly harrowing because there is so much hope, love and joy that comes with the excitement of a new baby coming into the world.  Not only is the baby lost, but also the hopes and expectations, the plans and dreams and the anticipation of being a parent, of getting to…


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